Saturday Therapy Session

I was in a funky mood this week. I organized my closet & beads, but by the weekend, I was still irritable.

We went over to my friend's house to bring her something, and I smooth-talked her into spending the day organizing her closet.

There's no "before" picture, but here's what it looked like after our 4 hours of work.

2 Responses to “Saturday Therapy Session”
  1. You wouldn't have to smooth talk me at all!! Come on over anytime you feel like organizing or cleaning... I've got lots for you to do!!! :)

  2. Anonymous says:

    I'm just now checking out your blog(s). PLEASE come visit me in El Paso. I need your help! It's really not that far. ;)
    jen stribby (hee,hee) ross


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