So why should you get organized
1. It makes cleaning easier.In my exploits, I have seen many people do the "ping-pong walk". When they encounter an object without a home, they'll wander awhile and then set it down on a randomly selected surface. When we get around to that surface, the same object will find another temporary home.
If everything has a designated home, then putting stuff away takes less time and effort

2. When we organize and sort it helps us clear our heads.Everything that is in your house is in your head. Suppose your neighbor knocks on your door and asks if you have a purple paint pen or some other random thing. You have to think of whether or not you do, and what pile to search in. So when your house is cluttered, your brain is too.

3. It helps us see patterns and avoid over buying.Within the first hour of helping someone sort, I have an idea of the sorts of things they buy, their hobbies and habits etc. Often I find multiples of something that has been pushed so far in a corner or in such an unfathomable place, that the home owner just bought more instead of hunting for it.


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