Craft Closet

The craft room was really a craft closet, but still tons of fun!! There is no "before" picture just because it looked mostly like this after pic--we just added the tower of drawers on the right.

The issue was more of a time/space continuum issue (small grin). The homeowner had set up the closet when she moved in, but it was not working for her. Although it looked pretty neat & organized, most drawers were empty or held more of an "assortment" than a "collection". And she had never had the time to go through it....

So we went through her things and sorted them, then came up with assigned living quarters for them.

The drawers are one of my favorite organizing tools because when you want to work--you just bring the whole drawer with you & then put it back when you're done.

Some of the drawer assignments:
1. Tools (paper piercer, cutting tools, stapler)
2. Punches
3. Ribbon (she had a new system that is hanging on the side but we left coordinated ribbon on their backing and put it in the drawer)
4. Embossing--wet & dry.
5. Letters (rub ons, stickers, etc)

We also put her "Antonius" system in the adjoining room for her stamps. ..but that particular system (new fave) I'll save for another blog post.


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