Getting crafty with it

   One of my favorite rooms to organize is a craft room. This craft “room” is more of just an area in the basement living room. The owner of this craft room uses it to make Medieval period clothing and jewelry while her husband makes armor and archery targets. I love her fun and unique hobby (and am very jealous of her sewing skills), so I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this room!  

         doorwaybefore    doorwayzafter

                                                                     A view of the room before and after


The first problem that I saw was the table placement. With two folding tables pushed together, there was enough room for cutting, but it also made a large horizontal surface for people to dump their stuff on. Also, it makes it hard to access both tables because you’d have to walk around both. I suggested an “L” shape for the tables. This way her chair could easily pull up to both and she could designate areas on each for different tasks. And by putting her equipment and supplies on the tables in their zones, it leaves less empty horizontal surface for dumping.

craft table before    craft table zafter

                                                                            Craft tables before and after


         The next major problem was the amount of fabric that she had to keep for her projects and the best way to store them and make them easy to find. She had already arranged her trims, patterns, etc. plastic tubs but there was no room to store these. I suggested hanging the fabric so that it would be easier to see. We both thought that a wire shelving unit would work because she could hang the fabric from the top, put her tubs on the bottom shelves, and put larger fabric on the very top.

floor before    floor zafter

                                                                                     Floor before and after

                                                          cloth solution

                                                               The fabric solution – a wire shelving unit

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  1. I am really impressed with the fabric solution - I have always wondered how to arrange my fabric so that I could see it, but it was still organized and out of the way. Hmmm, wonder how I can incorporate that? Thanks for the idea!


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