School Sort Part 1

A good friend of mine will be teaching in a new classroom next school year. The problem was that the classroom had belonged to a teacher who retired and was now occupied by a teacher who had not had time to organize the classroom when she came in and would not be at the school next year.

I went in for an evaluation and we ended up asking the occupying teacher if we could help her organize a little. We did get her desk pretty much sorted.





One problem was that the same craft supplies could be found in multiple locations throughout the room. This may have worked for the retired teacher, but would not work for my friend. And if there was one thing we learned from the occupying teacher, it was if you didn't take the time to sort before you start teaching, it would soon be too overwhelming a task to undertake. Because we couldn't move anything until school was out, I asked my friend to bring me the craft supplies for sorting. Just by grouping "like objects" together, these craft supply drawers are more visually pleasing and will be more practical for use.






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