Ribbon solution

I love to craft which puts me in a position to answer this burning question: "What's the best way to store my ribbons?"

This was a tricky one. I do like the dowel idea, but it is hard to put new ribbon on or take an old roll off. Plus the dowel is not very portable for those who love to attend crops or card club etc.

A few weekends ago, at the scrapbook expo, I saw a great idea. I actually went up to a group of strangers who were working on their scrapbooks, and asked if I could check out their ribbon box.

This box is called "Ezy-stack Ribbon Rack". I found it at Walmart for $8. The lady at the expo said the only problem she has encountered is really tall ribbon spools. But as for side-to-side, it has removable compartment sides.

The only problem that I can foresee is that I will definitely need more than one!


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