I've always loved to organize. When I was younger, my favorite toy was the 64 box of crayons.

I would open it up and take out the four boxes. Then I would systematically sort them into a rainbow order. And if one of my (eight) siblings "borrowed" them, I would have to resort them into the right order.

As I got older, I started collecting small treasures. I would put these into shoe boxes that lived under my bed. Every box was sectioned off into different sections ie: money, breakables, lost-and-found.

In school, I would take class time to put all my papers in order, tear out any extra paper in the spirals and average my grades.

Now, I never considered these talents. Obsessions, yes. Talents, no.

I thought everyone could organize--some just didn't choose to.

Then as an adult, I was organizing a basement closet in a friends house, making my happy little piles, when my friend asked, "How do you do that?"

Since then, I have tried to teach others this skill. I am convinced that anyone can do it. I have taught my small circle, and am hoping that I can pass my knowledge on through this blog and any email correspondence.


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I'm a stay-at-home mom of 3 who likes to organize, craft, & read (among other things)